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Quantum Consultancy

About Us



Quantum offers data-driven consulting solutions to create strategies and evaluate existing products in the Sport and Events industries. Our insights and evaluations are used to create strategic and operational improvements.

Our services are used by event owners, rights holders, destinations and agencies to gather market intelligence to derive the maximum value from events. We engage in  full spectrum analysis to understand the value propositions for event owners and host destinations, combined with a comprehensive and standardised evaluation. 

Quantum take a "for events, by events" approach and pride ourselves on being part of the events industry.  



With 25+ years industry experience and expertise in the strategic planning of events, Quantum has identified the need for evidence-based, data-driven strategies.   

Quantum has utilised  event operation expertise and data insights in order to drive evidence-based decision making, resulting in the optimal use of resources for our clients. Thus, providing better value and the opportunity to innovate, develop and best meet the requirements of all stakeholders: including event owner, the host destination, funding partners, sponsors and broadcasters.


Why Us?

At Quantum we provide bespoke services and products that meet the needs of our clients and partners. We dedicate our resources to ensure that the objectives of the client are foremost and we focus on the improvement of their offerings and increased value propositions. 

Our data driven strategies and bespoke insights are unique in the Sports and Events industries and provide our clients with distinct advantages in these competitive markets.